The rates on our site are as low as you will find on any website that sells our hotel rooms. If you find a lower rate on one of our partner sites for the same room type, date, and rate offering, we will happily verify it and match it.


  • Physical distancing is practiced at check-in with clear barriers at the front desk.
  • Staff and guests are required to wear masks; masks are provided. Please note, this policy is flexible based on California State and Marin County health advice.

Common Areas

  • Hand sanitizing stations are provided throughout the hotel.
  • HEPA filtration system is in continual operation in common areas and restrooms.
  • Surfaces in common areas are regularly sanitized.


  • The heating and cooling system in each guestroom is a closed system. Each room is equipped with an individual unit which circulates air in its own environment. Air is not shared with other guestrooms.
  • Daily housekeeping during your stay is by request, so that you can avoid housekeeping staff entering your room if you wish to do so.
  • All guestrooms are sanitized between guests with an Electrostatic sprayer using high-quality sanitizer.

Relax and enjoy your stay!

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